Easy Tips to save $$$ on your Landscaping

Easy Tips to save $$$ on your Landscaping

Easy Tips to save $$$ on your Landscaping
  • Draw up a plan. This can be revised as you go and avoids impulse purchases.
  • Save on waste disposal- Consider leaving your rubbish until close to the end and booking a bobcat to take away for you.
  • Think ahead eg if you are planning a raised planter, don’t take all your sand away as you will waste money at a later stage when you need sand to fill the bottom of the planter.
  • Go recycled- There are some fantastic recycled gravels available starting at $55 per m- compare that to rainbow stone at $329 per m and the savings are really stacking up.
  • Consider product sizes -eg Introduce a flower bed so the width of the roll fits exactly on artificial grass or avoid cuts on paving by adding a gravel trail to the fence line.
  • Complete in stages- take advantage of offers as they come up. Put alerts on pages to notify you when items are listed or sign up for newsletters.
  • Consider DIY for some areas- Eg You can cart sand round from the back of your property when reducing levels or book a labourer instead of paying landscapers rates for these tasks.
  • Purchase in bulk where you can -Eg If you are installing turf ,plan to put it all in together .Often the more you order the cheaper it becomes and you will also save on delivery fees.
  • Join gardening facebook pages and keep an eye out for plant give aways and cuttings.
  • Increase flower beds and mulched areas to add impact and reduce costs. Plant less advanced variety of plants and enjoy seeing them grow.

Come and see us at Dale Stone Landscape supplies at 18 Nettleton Road, Byford. Open 6 days a week. You will be suprised at how much you can save. http://www.dalestone.com.au

This is what a couple of our customers had to say:-

We had no idea where to start in our garden, Julie made the process enjoyable by putting our decking, stone and pavers together to see how they looked. There was no pressure, we were just given prices and advice. We are now revising our plan as there was so many options to choose from.

The quotes I was getting were so expensive and we thought I could never get my garden done. After taking my plans in I booked a labourer through Dale stones labour hire to come and clear my back yard first and take in the blue metal dust. I redirected the retic myself. I then accepted a quote with Dale stone to hand screed and lay the artificial grass. They took away the waste at the front at the same time. I saved over $4000 on the quotes I had received.