Below is an example Garden measurement to assist you in working out your quantities.

Our example garden measures – 10m x 6m = 60sqm.
It is at the front of the property and can be accessed with a bobcat. It is currently real turf.
One side of the garden is the path , one is the drive and 2 other sides are existing flower beds.

Area of work Budget Notes
Preparing area and Waste Disposal $ See website for all waste disposal costs. If you have exisaing grass you will need to work on a depth of approx 100mm , if you have sand work on approx 90mm. Therefore for our example garden the figures are as follows. 60 x 0.1 = 6 cubic m grass removed with bobcat.
Edging $ 16m of edging is required for the two flower beds as they are 500mm wide.
Roadbase $ Optional- 100mm recommended if you are parking on it
Labour $ You can save money and cart the road base in yourself or you can book the team at Dalestone to do this for you and we will compact at the same time.
Cracker Dust $ Cracker dust- depth of 50mm if sand has been removed. In this case we will require 60mm as the turf and roots means 100mm would have to be dug out. Cracker dust quantity 60 x 0.06 4.6 cubic metres ( order 5)
Labour $ You can save money and cart the cracker dust in yourself or you can book the team at Dalestone to do this for you.
Level blue metal dust $ The cracker dust will require compacting, levelling and hand screeding to ensure grass is laid level. You can hire a compactor from us or book for us to come and compact and do the leveling for you.
Compactor hire $ If you are levelling yourself you may require compactor hire
Grass selection $ Grass is 4m or 2m wide so for our example you would order
10m x 4m and 10m x 2m.( ensure same batch no)
Total grass required 60sqm.
Trolley hire $ Available for hire to assist in moving grass
Joining tape $ In our example 10m is required
U nails $ 1 every 300mm to perimeter . Plus approx 1 every 3sqm in centre
10m + 6m +10m +6m = 32m/0.3 =106 u nails.
Plus a further 20 for the centre.
We also recommend 1 every 300mm on thejoin as well as joining tape = 10. Total =136 U nails.
Laying of grass $ We recommend a sharp stanley knife and a white pen to mark the back of the grass where you want to cut. You will also need to cut around drains etc. Alternatively you can book the team at Dalestone to come and lay the grass for you.
White sand $ 1 x 20kg bag per 5sqm. Total required 12 bags.
Power brush hire $ You can brush in the sand with a nomal brush, brush it in against the pile.
Alternatively you can book Dalestone to come and power brush the sand for you. Even if you do the rest of theproject yourself we highly recommend this service to ensure there is enough sand pushed in and you get a finish which can not be achieved with a normal brush. It also avoids future rippling and protects the pile of the grass.

We have provided this template to assist you in working out a guide budget for your artificial grass project and to assist in working out items you would like assistance with.

Each item is listed in our price list and on our website but please get in touch if you would like assistance.