How long does artificial grass Last?
There is a manufacturing warranty of 8 years on the grasses (6 on putting green and 15 nylon)
This grass was installed in our Landscaping business from 2012,we till drive past gardens that look great today so we are very confident in the long term performance of all the grass we sell.

Why is there a price difference between the grasses?
Prices are based on the length of pile of the grass, the number of stitches and their density (dtex)

I have seen grasses for $12 per sqm?
Not all grasses are the same, you want a grass that is lead free, has a heavy backing and has a high number of stitches per sqm, You also want to ensure they are wont fade or melt in the sun-all our grasses are UV resistant and contain curly and straight yarns with colour variations to give a natural look.

Does Artificial Grass get hot?
It does get hotter than real turf and in an area in full sun in the back of the garden where children are playing it would be advisable to install a shade sale or something similar. The grass is UV stabilised to be able to handle the harsh summer sun. making it ideal for areas where real turf struggles to grow with no watering required.

Is artificial grass Ok for Pets?
It is very easy to clean up after pets and the grass will not discolour ,any staining can be spot cleaned and it is free draining. A regular wash rinse also helps especially if there is minimum rain.

Is it easy to install?
If you have an eye for levels and spend time getting the preparation right, it is certainly a product suitable for DIY installation. We are happy to provide advice on installation and the technical know how.You can also see on our face book paged details of installers who purchase through us.

Can I park on it?
Yes you can but we recommend preparing like a driveway with 100mm sub base.

What is the delivery Cost?
Delivery for just the grass is $120, or there would be no delivery fee if on the same order as cracker dust.

What else do I require?
Cracker dust to a depth of 50mm.
U nails every 30omm to the outer edge with some extras approx. every 2sqm in the centre
White sand for the final finish to assist with weighing the grass down and protecting the pile.
The brushing in of the sand also ensure the pile is brushed up to give a professional finish.

Tools Required: Wheelbarrow for carting in cracker, shovel and levelling rake, Levelling bars, Stanley Knife, brush,Hammer and compactor.


Download Artificial grass budget planner PDF