Dale Stone Paving are specialists in the manufacture of paving and other Landscape products and also manufacture custom moulds. This can be useful if a paver is discontinued or you are looking for something specific or you need a particular size.

They have assisted many customers over the last few years- here are some examples of how they can help.

Casting A New Mould From A Discontinued Product

Examples Of Manufactured Paving Moulds

A local council could no longer get hold of a bullnose paver due to the company closing down, we were able to replicate the bullnose by manufacturing a custom mould.

*Please note product must be discontinued.

This is the bullnose with the mould we manufactured that replicated it exactly.

A client could no longer get hold of a paver as it had been discontinued and they wished to extend the area

A new mould was manufactured from the old paver ,the finish was exactly the same. Dale Stone added a small amount of Sandstone Oxide to get as close to the original colour as possible.

Meeting Particular Project Requirements

A client required an ornate corner stand for 4 ornaments she had purchased, she brought in a an example of the size and shape she needed . Dale Stone custom made the product she required in the requested colour .

Meeting A Particular Size

Dale Stone can also make moulds from wood or metal to meet a particular size if the final finish on the surface is not as essential. Eg Clients have requested long thin pavers to infill the area next to concrete.

Other projects include table tops and benches which were reinforced with steel, decorative spheres that can go round flag poles, unique cobbled pavers and large custom sized flagstones.

What ever your requirements you can be sure that the team at Dale Stone paving will do their best to find a solution for you in their manufacturing facility.