Free Landscape Consultation


We have worked with many clients on their garden projects in the past and below are some of the concerns we hear from our clients :-

  • I have lots of ideas, but dont know where to start
  • I only have a limited budget so how can I make my garden work for me?
  • I love my new house but I just need to get rid of this sand that keeps coming in the house
  • Where do I buy the products that I need?
  • Do I need to take down my levels? How do I get rid of waste?
  • Who can I trust to do a good job on my project?
  • Can I complete areas myself to save money, is there anyone that can give me some technical help?
  • I made some mistakes when I moved in and now need to fix those- where do I start?
  • I have materials left from the build- can I use them in my garden?
  • Where can I get advice on the right plants for my garden?
  • I have purchased a new house and need to make changes- what shall I do first?

These are just a few of the questions we get asked, you will have many more.

You can discuss your needs at our showroom or we can meet you at your property and provide a free quote.

On booking you will be asked a series of questions that assist us in giving you the best advice for your garden and also provides some price ranges for installation so you can consider your options. We can discuss areas of work you may wish to complete yourself and areas you would prefer to have completed for you .

We have selections of most products at our showroom so you can look at all your options in one place and with our itemised quotes, simply order products or services as you need them – Planning your garden project could not be easier.

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To give you some inspiration here is a small selection of our before and after projects