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We have been transforming gardens in the Uk and Perth since 2000, so rest assured you will be in good hands if you choose to book your landscaping project with a Dale stone contractor.



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The Dale family have been installing gardens in Perth and in the UK since 2001. They now empower the DIY market to carry out their own installation with the advice and products required to complete the task.

If you require full installation Dale Stone can organise a free quote with many of the Landscapers they have subcontracted to over the years and can certainly give you an idea of pricing and the questions to ask to ensure you get  the right installer for you.

By purchasing your own products you are in control of quantities, cost and delivery dates and by the time you are gathering quotes for installation you will have a firm understanding of what your project involves which will save you time and money.

Dale Stone can give you a list of recommended installers and Labourers and advise who they would recommend for your particular project.

We encourage feedback on all contractors to ensure our recommendations remain validated.


A few tips to get you started :-

1) Do some aspects of the work yourself or hire some labour to help. Why pay a qualified Landscaper to clear away sand. We can cart it away from the front for you. ( waste disposal prices on our price list)

2) Measure up prior to a contractor coming so you have an idea of quantities ( or bring in your plans to us). Be prepared to order a little more product for wastage.

3) Order your products first. – Any contractor who comes to quote and finds that  you are ready to roll will be keen to get the quote back to you quickly and at the right price. Time is money.

4) Ordering your products first keeps you in control of quantities – you can always amend the order prior to delivery.

5) Booking your products yourself will mean a minimum ( if any ) deposit is required for the contractor as they are supplying labour only.

6) Check ABNs are current and check your selected contractor has insurance.

7) Be prepared to pay the right price for the work- beware of low quotes as they are often there just to win a job and if they have not priced correctly you will suddenly find your self incurring extras or having a substandard rushed job.

8) Work from the back to the front where possible.

9) If you had paving completed when you built dont feel you have to keep that paving in your alfresco,  it can be laid elsewhere such as the side of your property . When you build the selection is limited that is included by the builder- take a look at other choices available when you come to complete your Landscaping.

10) Avoid rough pavers if you have children.

11) Limestone and natural stone products stay cooler than concrete and clay pavers in general.

12) Draw your design on graph paper to scale- this will highlight any flaws in your design and avoid any misunderstandings with your contractor. You can even down load Sketch up for free and use their design tools.

13) Many contractors are excellent at what they do, they do it every day and are skilled and experienced tradesmen. However they are that busy working in gardens they generally do not have the time to advise on selections, price variances ,colours, design ideas etc. That is where we come in- you can see all the options under one roof and put the selections together before they are installed in your garden.


Come in and see us to discuss your Landscaping needs. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have and hear your ideas.

Julie just loves talking gardens.


Open 6 days a week.  5/281 South Western Highway, Armadale. ( Between Byford and Armadale)