Landscape Installation

We regularly update our list of recommended contractors. We welcome all feedback to ensure we continue to recommend the right people for your project.

Dont write off  aspects of DIY, you may suprise yourself and save $$$$$$- see our helpful tips below


Finding the right installer is very important.  You have spent time selecting your products, creating your vision and invested financially. Their  workmanship will dictate the final finish on your project.

Dale Stone recognise how important it is to have the right installer to install our products correctly.

20% product, 80% installation

The question most frequently asked is “how much will it cost?” The majority of installation costs are usually ground preparation and labour. Opting for the paver you really want even though it may be a few dollars more than other options won’t significantly increase the overall cost.

All businesses on our recommended contractors list have earned a place there in line with our Gold Trade eligibility.

We do encourage feedback on all contractors to ensure our recommendations remain validated.

Please note though we are happy to provide recommendations your booking is directly with the selected contractor and all communication regarding the work should be directly with them.

Download Our Recommended Contractors list here

A few tips to get you started :-

1) Do some aspects of the work yourself or hire some labour to help. Why pay a qualified Landscaper to clear away sand. 

2) Measure up prior to a contractor coming so you have an idea of quantities (or bring your plans in to us). Be prepared to order a little more product for wastage.

3) Order your products first. – Any contractor who comes to quote and finds that you are ready to roll will be keen to get the quote back to you quickly and at the right price. Time is money.

4) Check ABNs are current and check your selected contractor has insurance.

5) Be prepared to pay the right price for the work- beware of low quotes as they are often there just to win a job and if they have not priced correctly you will suddenly find your self incurring extras or having a substandard rushed job.

6) Work from the back to the front where possible. Have an idea of your whole plan as doing work in the right order saves heartache and money.

7) If you had paving completed when you originally built dont feel you have to keep that paving in your alfresco, it can be laid elsewhere such as the side of your property . When you build the selection is limited that is included by the builder- take a look at other choices available when you come to complete your Landscaping.

8) Avoid rough pavers if you have children.

9) Limestone and natural stone products stay cooler than concrete and clay pavers in general.

10) Draw your design on graph paper to scale- this will highlight any flaws in your design and avoid any misunderstandings with your contractor. You can even down load Sketch up for free and use their design tools.

11) Many contractors are excellent at what they do, they do it every day and are skilled and experienced tradesmen. However they are so busy working in gardens they generally do not have the time to advise on selections, price variances ,colours, design ideas etc. That is where we come in- you can see all the options under one roof and put the selections together before they are installed in your garden.

12) Check with your contractor they are taking away all waste- you don’t want to be left with off cuts of paving or grass at the end.

13)Think of the future- This includes resale and as your changing needs Eg a sandpit that can easily become a planter, put road base under your artificial grass at the front so it can be parked on, put in conduits for retic to the rear before you pave, plan any lighting and put in electric conduits.

Advantages To Ordering Products Yourself

  • You are in control of your project and know when deliveries are arriving.

  • You are aware of all quantities required.

  • You can stagger your budget by ordering products in stages or paying off gradually.

  • You know where it was purchased if you wish to purchase more at a later date.

  • Reduce delivery fees by ordering items together.

  • Access advice from the store you are purchasing from first.

  • If you wish to change contractor this may be an option as there has been very little outlay (we often hear people say that after several changes on start dates they wish they had chosen another contractor but they cant change now as the deposit has been paid)

  • In most cases you may not have to pay a deposit to the contractor as the deposit is usually for products (some may take a stage payment towards labour,especially on larger projects.)

  • You can take advantage of discounts.

  • You get an opportunity to see the actual product you will receive.

  • Any relevant Warranties will be in your name.

  • Any products left at the end belong to you.

  • Quoting is easier as you have already organized the products

Come and have a no obligation chat today and we can assist with your DIY project or products for installation by your selected expert or advise which of our recommended contractors is the best choice for your particular project.


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