On line specials

We have regular on line and facebook specials. Items include end of line clearance, display items, reclaims and unique products from other suppliers that they have requested we market for them.

Keep an eye on this page as it is updated daily. Or Follow us on face book to see updates


Half circle
Normal Price $250
Internet Special $200
( Display one only)

Soil Conditioner
End of line $3 per bag ( while stocks last)

Tobishi stepping stones
4 x large, 4 medium, 8x small Internet bundle $80

Assorted deluxe Pavers $5 each – Include granite, stormstone, travertine

Round stepping stones $5 each ( 12 only

Artificial grass off cuts
0.7 x 5.6 $30
1.8 x1.1 $15
9m x 0.38 $35
2.3x 0.45 $10
3m x o.5 $15
1m x 1m $9
0.8 x 0.8 $7.50
0,5 x 0.5 $5.00


10% plus free delivery in Perth metro on all our benches purchased on line. Exp 20/06/2019.