Artificial Grass Kits

Artificial Grass Kits

Full Retail Price list April 2020

The convenient and cost effective way to order your artificial grass direct to your door.

All Artificial Grass Kits include 30mm Grass, U nails, Cracker dust and finishing sand as detailed in kits below.


Place your order on line or call Julie on 0406664550 to order over the phone.

Grass details

UV resistance, Lead Free, 8 year manufacturer guarantee

It is the perfect lawn for all your landscaping projects.
Pile height: 30mm
Mixture: PE & PP 5300dtex+3300dtex
Stitches: 16800/m2
Machine Gauge: 3/8
Width: 3.75M

If you need to clear your site- view our waste disposal and bobcat options here.


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All Artificial turf kits include cracker dust, 30mm lead free turf, Green U nails, white sand and turf for the complete project.  We are happy to provide advice on laying requirements.

Sizes available

4 x 3.75m (15sqm)    Includes Turf,  50 U nails, 3 bags sand,  1m3 Cracker Dust    $390 Delivered

6 x 3.75m  (22.5sqm) Includes Turf,  75 U nails, 5 bags sand,1.4m3 Cracker Dust   $590 Delivered

8 x 3.75m (30sqm)    Includes Turf,  90 U nails, 7 bags sand, 1.6m3 Cracker Dust $690 Delivered

12 x 3.75m (45sqm)  Includes Turf, 100 Nails, 9 bags sand, 2.2m3 Cracker Dust    $1090 Delivered

15 x3.75m (56.2sqm) Includes Turf, 120 Nails, 10 bags sand, 2.8m3 Cracker Dust $1290 Delivered

20 x 3.75m (75sqm) Includes turf, 150 Nails, 12 bags sand, 3.75ms Cracker Dust $1690 Delivered

25M X 3.75 (93.75sqm) Includes turf, 200 Nails, 15 bags sand, 4.7m3 Cracker Dust $1990 Delivered

The only other items you may require for this project are edgings which you can order here

Additional information


12mx3.75, 15mx3.75, 20mx3.75, 25mx3.75, 4m x 3.75, 6mx3.75, 8mx3.75m

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