Bronze 20 2m Wide ( $14 per sqm)

Bronze 20 2m Wide ( $14 per sqm)

Bronze 20 is designed according to nature grass. A ‘spine’ run in the middle of each blade just like nature turf, a super fine blade  significantly reduces the reflection to the light, hence creates a matt finishing super natural appearance. . It offers unbeatable value for money. It is perfect for front yards, verge area and surrounding swimming pools. It is also the recommended product for pets. 4-tone colours with both straight and curled yarn. Manufactured with the latest technology, a stem is built in each blade of grass providing a more natural appearance than the traditional synthetic turf and better durability.

Bronze 20 retails at $14 per sqm. The roll is 2m wide.

When ordering the price stated is for 2sqm ( 2mx1m). Simply change the quantity to number of metres in length required.

Eg If your Garden is 6m x 2m. You would just put 6 as the quantity.

The rolls are 20m long.

If you wish to order your cracker dust at the same time put the code COMBO in at checkout to receive 20% discount, Even better you will only pay 1 delivery Fee.



Pile height: 20mm

Mixture: PE & PP 6600dtex+4400dtex
Stitches: 16800/sqm
Machine Gauge: 3/8
Width: 4m, 3.75m & 2m
UV resistance
Lead Free
8 year guarantee

Additional information


Collect from Byford showroom, Local ( within 10km of Byford), North of River, South of River


10sqm ( 5m x 2m), 11sqm (5.5m x 2m), 12sqm (6m x 2m), 13sqm (6.5m x 2m), 14sqm ( 7m x 2m ), 15sqm (7.5m x 2m), 16sqm (8m x 2m), 17sqm ( 8.5m x 2m), 18sqm (9m x 2m), 19sqm (9.5m x 2m), 20sqm ( 10mx 2m), 21sqm (10.5m x 2m), 22sqm (11m x 2m), 23sqm (11.5m x 2m), 24sqm (12m x 2m), 25sqm (12.5m x 2m), 26sqm (13m x 2m), 27sqm (13.5m x 2m), 28sqm (14m x 2m), 29sqm (14.5m x 2m), 2sqm (1m x 2m), 30sqm (15m x 2m), 31sqm (15.5m x 2m), 32sqm (16m x 2m), 33sqm (16.5m x 2m), 34sqm (17m x 2m), 35sqm (17.5m x 2m), 36sqm (18m x 2m), 37sqm (18.5m x 2m), 38sqm (19m x 2m), 39sqm (19.5m x 2m), 40sqm (20m x 2m), 4sqm (2m x 2m), 6sqm (3m x 2m), 8sqm (4m x 2m), 9sqm (4.5m x 2m )

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