Emerald 35 2m wide ($24 per sqm)

Emerald 35 2m wide ($24 per sqm)

Pile height: 35mm
Mixture: PE & PP 7600dtex+4400dtex
Stitches: 16800knots/sqm
Machine Gauge: 3/8
Width: 4m & 2m
UV resistance
Lead Free
7 year guarantee

Cool 35 retails at $28 per sqm. The roll is 2m wide.

When ordering the price stated is for 2sqm ( 2mx1m). Simply change the quantity to number of metres in length required.

Eg If your Garden is 6m x 2m. You would just put 6 as the quantity.

The rolls are 25m long.

If you wish to order your cracker dust at the same time put the code COMBO in at checkout to receive 20% discount, Even better you will only pay 1 delivery Fee.



Fresh, spring look turf. Great for residential landscape, around swimming pools and kids play area.3-tone color with straight c-shape yarn and curled support yarn.  .


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