Potting mix 20ltr Bag


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Product Description

High grade potting mix ideal for commercial & residential applications.

Product Composition:

  • Top soil
  • Composted pine bark fines
  • Fine compost
  • River Sand
  • Minor trace elements

Product Benefits:

  • Balanced soil nutrients
  • Great water retention from the Fine Compost and yet is still a very free draining soil due to the use of Course River sand and Premium Pine bark
  • Offers a high nutrient value of essential Nitrogen and sulphur as well as a variety of other nutrients found in Concentrated Organics.
  • Leachate: Recycled leachate water with high nutrient value is a mild form of compost tea.

Product Application:

  • Note: requires the addition of a controlled release fertiliser so you can add the amount that suits your requirements.
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Mulch Bags are approx 30ltrs.

Soil and manure bags area approx 20ltrs

Sand bags are approx 20kg

Stone bags are approx 20kg

All bags are hand filled and checked at regular intervals and weights may vary.

We sell per bag and advise quantities as estimations/

We recommend wearing gloves and a mask when handling soils and mulch as they may contain micro organisms which are dangerous to your health.Handling soil safely

We recommend applying correct lifting techniques when lifting bags of stone and blocks WA-Handout-Proper-Lifting-Techniques (1)

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