White sand



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The minimum delivery amount loose is 1m3 , we recommend ordering in bags under that quantity.You can also order in increments of 0.3,0.5 and 0.6 eg 1.5m3. Telephone our showroom on 9557 3201 if your desired quantity is not available for online ordering.

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Over 8m3 – Please request a quote for a bulk load rate.

To finish  your paving brush white sand on top, leave to dry, then compact . Finish by brushing in to lock pavers in place.

After laying artificial grass put on white sand, leave to dry and brush in to assist in ensuring grass does not move ( we recommend using Green U nails or 100mm galvanized nails at the edges and occasional ones in the middle aswell as sanding)

Product Composition:

  • Washed Silica sand
  • Does not compact

Product Benefits:

  • Safe sand for children to play in
  • Locks Paving in place
  • Assist with securing artificial grass

Product Application:

As per project requirements


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White Sand

Ideal for sandpits, desert style gardens and brushing into paving.

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